Learn Science with Danio

Science will be one of the winners after this crisis, we all will be aware of his key role in society. From Learn Science with Danio, we would like to help children understanding what is happening so you are invited to be part of the initiative #letsbeatthisvirus. 

The idea is mixing your children paintings with the opinion of several experts in animated videos so we all can learn a bit more about the current situation. Please have a look to this video:

If you are a child

If you are a child and you like painting, do a drawing and don’t forget to sign it and say where are you from. 

Then add it to our padlet. We will approve it and you will see it in our website. We will choose some of them also to for our videos. 

Hecho con Padlet

Hecho con Padlet

If you are a scientist

If you are a scientist and expert in epidemiology, virology, molecular biology, immunology, public health, medicine, genetics and clinical diagnosis or other specialities involved in the management and knowledge of the SARS-COV2 we would be grateful if you fill this form in to check our videos and help us to be as accurate and updated as possible. Your contribution is gold for us.

I am a scientist and I want to collaborate: