Txus veterinaria científica

Hi, I am Txus

Scientific veterinarian

I help teachers to make their students fall in love with science and scientists to bring their research to society.  

Here you can see some of my work.



Science videos

Science is exciting but the work carried out by the researchers is not always easy to understand. In our science videos we explain to you in a very entertaining and understandable way, how scientists work so you can understand and value what they do. And for you to get to know them better, each one has his or her avatar!

Recursos para el aula en tiempos de pandemia

We will explain to you how scientists at the Institute of Biomedicine of Valencia (CSIC) and other CSIC centers are researching on the coronavirus.

How whales see

A whale was stranded on the beach of Sopelana. Dr. Elena Vecino, a scientist specialized in eyes, took its eye to study it. Throughout three videos we will explain to you how she managed to deduce how whales see and solve some doubts that she had had since she was a child.

A beautiful story that will motivate children in science. 

Videos to make one fall in love with science

School science projects

Danio rerio is a fish that lays transparent eggs. If you take these fish into your classroom, your students will fall in love with science. (Spanish)

A classroom project in which we will delve into the biology of the virus and the design of vaccines using plasticine models. 

explicar vacunas a niños
Proyecto de diseño de vacunas

Classroom Resources for Pandemic Times

enseñar ciencia en pandemia

The coronavirus pandemic has been a particularly difficult time for schools. Since the early days we have developed resources (videos, workshops, protocols) to help them through these times.

We have compiled these in the Teacher Resource Guide for teaching science during the pandemic. 

Do we work together?

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